1. All rights of the mobile application named "Asktrology", the web site with the domain name and the mobile site (shortly referred to as the "Asktrology Application") are owned by Semi International Ltd. (shortly referred to as "Asktrology").
This Asktrology Privacy Policy (shortly referred to as the "Privacy Policy") is an integrated part of and appendix to the Asktrology Membership Agreement.
The "User" under the this Privacy Policy refers to all real persons who enter the Asktrology Application through any mobile or digital device, either as a visitor or by creating a membership account.
2. As of the time the User enters the Asktrology Application, the User shall be deemed to have read and approved the provisions of the Privacy Policy, regardless of the time period that the User has benefited from the Asktrology Application.

The User who does not want to be bound by the provisions of the Privacy Policy must terminate the entry on the Asktrology Application.

3. Asktrology shall not disclose the personal information and/or the IP traffic information that has been transmitted on the Asktrology Application by the User in electronic form to its side, which the User, with his/her own freewill, has not  published in any public spaces or has not shared with third parties, including Astrologers, other than for the reasons required by the contracts executed with the User or third parties, requests of competent legal and administrative bodies,  the Laws, Regulations and other legal rules in force or for other reasons required by other obligations defined by the Privacy Policy.
4. If the User publishes his/her personal information (all personal information including but not limited to credit card information, mobile phone number, address information) in any public spaces on the Asktrology Application and if he/she shares such information in his/her comments on the Asktrology Application, in his/her messages or in written/voice interviews with Astrologers, the User agress, represents and undertakes that Asktrology shall not be responsible for any losses resulting from the use of such personal information by any other User, the Astrologer or by any third party that may obtain information from unlawful means. 
5. The User acknowledges, represents and undertakes that Asktrology shall not be responsible for any damage that may arise as a result of sharing the username and password information entered by the User when logging into the account on the Asktrology Application, with third parties.
6. Asktrology shall not be obliged to check the content on the Astrology Application or to investigate whether an activity contrary to the law exists or not.
The User acknowledges, represents and undertakes that Asktrology is not/shall not be liable for any actions performed by the Astrologers active on the Asktrology application or by other third parties, including any criminal actions that may be performed on the Asktrology Application and which the User has been exposed to other than the activities of Asktrology and related to the use or seizure of personal information.


7. Asktrolrology may determine and use the IP traffic information of the User when required in order to detect the issues with regard to the system and in order to forthwith settle the issues that may arise in the Asktrology Application. IP traffic information may also be used to identify Users in a general way and to collect comprehensive demographic information.
8. Asktrology is legally obligated by law to keep all personal information and IP traffic information belonging to the User requested by administrative and judicial authorities within the scope of an investigation and to submit the same to such related authorities.
Asktrology shall not be legally responsible for any material or moral damages arising from the sharing of personal data of the User or the relevant third parties during or after such information has been shared upon being requested by legal, administrative and judicial authorities.
Asktrology can make searches in the User's personal information, messaging, interviews and records in the Asktrology Application to access the information and documentation requested for the investigation.
9. Personal information can be used to contact the User when necessary. The Information requested by Asktrology or provided by the User or related to the transactions performed over the Asktrology Application may be used by Asktrology and/or the collaborating persons to make various statistical evaluations, to form a database or to carry out market researches provided that the identity of the User is not disclosed. 
10. The information obtained from the User who has responded to the periodic questionnaires organized by Asktrology in the Asktrology Application is used by Asktrology and/or collaborating persons in order to make statistical analysis or to form a database.
11. Asktrology may review and use the User's Asktrology Application usage history and any interviews he or she has made with Astrologers to offer suggestions and to provide new services to the User, provided that this is not disclosed to third parties.
12. Asktrology may review the personal information of the User who is observed to be in breach of the Privacy Policy or the Asktrology User Agreement or who has become subject to the complaint of another User and may terminate the entry made by the User on the Asktrology Application as a visitor or by creating a membership account.
13. Asktrology undertakes to keep personal information strictly private and confidential, to deem this as the liability to keep confidential and to take all necessary measures to ensure and maintain confidentiality and to prevent the unauthorized entry or unauthorized use of any or all part of the confidential information or disclosure of any part thereof and to prevent the existence of the same in the public domain. In the case confidential information is damaged or seized by third parties as the result of the attacks made to the Asktrology Application and to the system even though Asktrology has taken all the necessary information security measures, Asktrology shall not have any liabilities in this respect.
14. Asktrology may obtain information regarding the User and the User's Asktrology Application use by means of a technical communication file (Cookie). The mentioned technical communication files are small text files sent by the Asktrology Application to the User's browser to be stored in main memory. The technical communication file facilitates the use of the Internet by storing the status and preferences with regard to a website.

The technical communication file can be used to obtain statistical information about how many people use a website, how many times a website is visited for what purpose and for how long the web site visit lasts.
It also helps generating dynamically-allowed marketing messages and content on User pages specifically designed for the User. Browsers are primarily designed to accept technical communication files, however the User may change the browser settings so that no technical communication file is received or that a notification is received when a technical communication file is sent.
15. Asktrology may send commercial electronic messages to the User by e-mail and/or SMS during membership period or within the scope of the approval received at a later time. If the user does not desire that a commercial electronic message is sent to his/her side, he/she can turn off the commercial message transmission by means of entering the Settings.
Asktrology, may direct links to other web sites within Asktrology Application. Asktrology has no responsibility for the privacy applications and content of the web sites accessed through the link.
16. The user acknowledges, agrees and undertakes in this Privacy Policy that he/she has approved for his/her personal data to be used and shared with third parties in the form set forth herein.
17. Asktrology may unilaterally change the provisions of this Privacy Policy at any time by publishing it in the Astrology Application. The provisions of the Asktrology Privacy Policy which Asktrology has amended shall enter into force on the date they are published in the Asktrology Application. In the case the user does not agree with the changes made in the Privacy Policy, he/she should cease to use the Asktrology Application. Otherwise, the user shall be deemed to have accepted changes to the Privacy Policy.